Beginning “Another” Exercising Program?

28 May Beginning “Another” Exercising Program?

Exercise, that word, can be so intimidating to many.  It shouldn’t be.  We need to understand exercise doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

During a wellness discussion with a previous client, she told me she couldn’t do it again.  She stated that she had tried so hard so many times that she’s done and there was nothing I could do to change that.  So, after speaking a few times with her,  I realized she had set herself up for failure each time.  We had discussed how she had always wanted to run like her friends. Of course, running is the “cool thing” to do she thought.  Therefore, she attempted running with some other mom’s from her son’s school.  To her disappointment, they were at a much faster pace than she had ever imagined and couldn’t do it.  She didn’t quit.  She was determined to get on the treadmill and catch up.  She got up every day before work and hopped on that treadmill before her morning shower.  She was psyched!  “I’m going to do this whether it kills me”, she told herself.  Well, of course, it’s very difficult even for a regular runner who hasn’t ran for a while to just jump in at someone else’s pace.  She couldn’t even last a half mile.  She was defeated from the start.  And so, feeling defeated, she quit.

I’ve heard this so many times.  We are all different.  We all have our own pace and our own style.  That’s what makes us unique.  Running is not the only exercise either.  There are many different forms of exercise.  I’m not putting down running.  Running is awesome if you take your time and do it right.  I’m not the expert.  There are even beginner running apps on your phones now.

We made a plan for her to start at walking.  She liked to walk and felt it was energizing and loved the peaceful aspect of just being in nature.  It released her stress and she found out that she needed this more than anything.  After enjoying it a while, she found some walking clubs and new friends.  Finally, she was exercising and happy!  She lost 20 pounds that year!



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